New Site and Forum - Layout and Ideas

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New Site and Forum - Layout and Ideas

Post  Major Pile on Mon Nov 10, 2008 12:56 pm

It is still under construction, but I wanted to get everyone directed over there and signed up.

The website is

and the forum link is:

or you can click on the forum link on the home page.

As of right now, not all of the links are active, some of the fonts are different, I'll be working on all of that in the next few weeks.

Some new features:

The Front End: The home page where recent VMRL race news will be updated on a weekly basis, pictures and a brief write-up of the race will be listed.

Race Videos: I am currently researching how to get video embedded on the site, and hopefully with better quality than what we have on bliptv. Play videos right on the site - no being redirected to another site.

Forums: The look right now is pretty general, but i'm working on importing a "style" to change the forum to match the design of the site.

Motorsports news: A page with news feeds from motorsports, and a race calendar showing upcoming races for F1, Indy, Nascar etc.

VMRL Race Calendar: I've embedded a google calendar on the site and I will be giving access to members who request it to schedule events and races. You can take a look at it here:

Gallery: I'm also working on a gallery program that would be a very cool way to show off your livery pictures, if it works I'll be creating galleries for K, Nick, and Outcast and if anyone else has a decent size catalog I'll make a gallery for them too. If I can make it work, the gallery would look like this:

and it also has a slideshow feature as well. Should be pretty cool.

Anyways, I think I've got some pretty cool stuff going on here, and I hope it makes everyone's experience more enjoyable.

If anyone has any ideas about the site, what to add, what to change, I'd be happy to hear it!

Again, I think everything should be set and functional in about a month.

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