Please read - Changes made to this series

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Please read - Changes made to this series

Post  Major Pile on Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:20 am

Please note the following changes have been made to this series:

Grid Order and Quallifying:
Every room will run a 4 lap (1 warm up, 2 hot laps, 1 cool down) quallifying session and have the slowest driver finish first (to get the most lobby points), second slowest finish second etc, and then for the race the grid would be set using lobby points.

A true reverse grid based on quallifying time not true skill rank. Drivers will have to wait at the finish line on the fourth lap for everyone to call out their fast lap time and then cross the finish line in the order of slowest to fastest.

3 points will be awarded for the fastest quallfying lap (overall, not just per room)

In the cases where we run two races at one track, the second race will be kept at lobby points and the grid order will be a combination of lobby points from the qually session and the points from the race.

Room Placement will be based on Championship Standings.

*****For the first race, quallifying for room placement will be held starting at 8pm EST Tuesday October 21st. 4 laps, 1 warm up lap, 3 hot laps, and you will be placed in a room based on your fastest lap time. If you miss quallifying you'll be placed in the last room.*****

New Track Schedule:
October 21st - Motegi 2 @ 10 laps
October 28th - Silverstone National Circuit (1.63 mi) - 1 @ 50 laps
November 4th - Laguna Seca - 1 @ 25 laps
November 11th - Road Atlanta - 1 @ 25 laps
November 18th - Suzuka East - 1 @ 50 laps
November 25th - Mugello - 2 @10 laps

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